the top ten reasons to read Defy the Sun by Jessika Fleck (and a giveaway)


defy the sun

Defy the Sun (The Offering Series #2)

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Top Ten monsters with CE Clayton author of The Monster of Selkirk series (and a giveaway)


monsters of selkirk

The Heart of the Forest (The Monster of Selkirk #2)

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Christina Bauer’s top ten favorite things about Shifters and Glyphs and her series Fairy Tales of the Magicorum (and a giveaway)


shifters and glyphs

Shifters and Glyphs (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #2)

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10 Good Things about Summer (for Book Lovers)


Now, Summer is a wonderful time of year for a number of reasons…the warm weather, the fact that a lot of places put their feet up and relax…and, of course, there is no better time for the average book lover. While the typical pose for book-reading is curled up in a chair with some tea and a blanket (preferably while it’s raining or snowing outside), I would like to present the case that summer is, in fact, the best time for book lovers.

top ten

1) The Great Outdoors

I love reading inside as much as the next person, but there is a special allure to expanding my space for reading. When I’m home, I set up a chaise lounge in the front lawn and read to my heart’s content. This year, I have high hopes for the ENO hammock that a dear friend bought me as a graduation present. There is nothing quite as wonderful as reading in the warm sun while a breeze gently blows through your hair.


2) The Time

While this year I have a 9-to-5 (well, 8-to-5) job, in past years I’ve made summer a prime time for relaxing. This mostly means the opportunity to read all the books I’ve wanted to read, but couldn’t, over the course of the year. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll take a try tackling my Goodreads to-read list. Of course, it’s also a perfect time to reread the Harry Potter series, or some equally time-consuming task.


3) The Books

Especially for those who don’t have a chance to read throughout the year, vacation time is also prime time for book-buying and book-reading. I mean, what else are you going to do under your umbrella at the beach, gawk at the beautifully bare-chested men? This is a perfect excuse to buy all the books you want to buy–just mosey on past the James Patterson beach-reads section and feel free to read what you want to read! Or, if James Patterson beach reads are your thing, read them unabashedly. 


4) The Book Money

Em and I tend to work at least part-time during the summers…and, since we’re lucky enough to have wonderful parents, that money tends to go into book-buying funds (or travel funds, or whatever). Anyways, point being, summer jobs are not only good for the resume, they’re good for the book fund. And, if it’s your money, you can spend or save it any way you want. Like on books.


5) The Library

For those of you who don’t have book funds, or summer jobs, there’s an equally fantastic opportunity at hand–your local public library! I used to go to the library every few days during the summer, not only because I could, but because the local library had a great selection of YA that I loved browsing through. Especially if you want your book purchases to count, the library is a good place to go. The librarians tend to be able to steer you towards some really wonderful books if you ask, or you can pick a book from the shelf at random without worrying if you’re going to regret your purchase later.


6) The Back Porch

The wonderful thing about being from the South is knowing that, no matter where you might happen to be, there’s a porch close by–ideally screened-in and with a porch swing, or at least some extremely comfy lounging furniture. Sweet tea is optional. Is there any better place to read a book than on the back porch on a warm summer’s evening? Nope. There is not.


7) The Neapolitan

Every year right around this point, I’d pull out my chaise lounge and bikini and try to tan. And, inevitably, my mom would snicker about my ‘neapolitan’ legs–I’d inevitably grab a book to read while tanning, and then just as inevitably stay on my back and keep reading the entire day, leading to legs that were tan on the front and pasty on the back. This year, I plan to own it–who says anything has to be one color, anyways?


8) The Drinks  

The book-lover knows that, when curled up in an instagrammable pose reading over the winter, coffee, tea or maybe hot chocolate is the only drink for a good binge-read. In the summer, our choices are far more varied. Southern-style sweet tea pairs perfectly with a romance on the porch, or maybe try some orange juice and sparkling water when reading an elegant fantasy novel in the sun. Over 21? Try a chilled beer with a gritty action novel, or maybe sangria for a more magical story.


9) The Unabashed Reading

Maybe you have a secret love of paranormal romance. Or maybe you want to actually read that classic you just got the sparknotes for in high school. Go for it! One thing I love about summer is that, unlike the rest of the year when people at least pretend to be focused on jobs and schoolwork, summer you’re expected to relax. Summer isn’t just for fancy vacations and iced coffee–it’s a time to treat yourself in any way that you feel like, and a good book can be the perfect treat, no matter what it is.


10) The Camaraderie

Since Em and I go to school in different places, summer is usually the only time we’re able to really spend time together. While we’re still going to be in different places over the summer, we plan on making the most of the time we do have to hang out. But hanging out with friends doesn’t have to mean an endless round of coffee shops or tanning–why not swap books, or talk about all the pros and cons of that one MC in that one series. Or just spend an afternoon reading together? I promise you, it’ll be an afternoon well spent.

A very happy New YeArs to you!

Hello, dear readers!

We at BibliobibuliYA wish you a very happy New Years, and many profound thanks for the love you’ve shown us. It’s been less than a year since we started this little project up, but we have been touched by all of the support you’ve given (especially those of you who aren’t related to us/indebted to us in some regard. We love you most of all). With your continued adoration, we hope to have a wonderful year, full of books, reviews and general silliness.

As you can probably see, we’ve already decided to start the year off with a new look–Emily will be tweaking the site over the next few days, but all of our content will still be here. And, with any luck, we’ll end up with a  beautiful-looking website.

There are also some bigger changes coming up for the two of us. We’ll both be graduating college shortly, and moving on to bigger and better things (well, maybe). That being said, we’re pretty certain that wherever life takes us, we’ll drag our books along with. Come hell or high water, we will one day make it to BEA.

And, on that note, here are our (book-related) New Years Resolutions.

Thanks, again, for reading.

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The Bibliobibuli Holiday Special, or Christmas is next week and we only now made our wish lists

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We here at Bibliobibuli YA have a rather long bookish Christmas list. However, we are heathens so will probably be receiving none of the following.

Some of these things may not possible.

Also, we are poor and so are all our friends. And our parents laugh at us if we ask for more bookishness and say silly, nonsensical things, like “You already have a lot of book things, you do not need more.”

They are obviously liars or our real parents were abducted by aliens.

The point being, we made a list and want everything on it.

So, happy holidays lovely readers. Go forth and celebrate this unusually warm winter season in the best way you deem possible.

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List: Best/Worst Love Triangles

Ah, the Love Triangle: Instant guarantee of drama in any YA romance novel, it provides a vast array of emotions, from cringing embarrassment to outright competitions for Who Will Win the Heart of the MC (fortunately, Em and I have never yet been totally divided on our opinions of who should win, otherwise there might be strife in BibliobibuliYA).

Not that they’re all bad–on the contrary, there are some entertaining ones out there. But there are also some really, really bad ones (3 guesses what’s at the bottom of this list). So, for your reading pleasure, we’ve summed up what we consider the best and worst love triangles currently existing in YA Lit.


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Top Ten Very British Books, In No Particular Order

Some days it seems like every American just has this strange obsession with the people coming from the British Isles. Something about an accent, maybe, something about the cultural remnants of colonialism, maybe…whatever it is, quite a lot of American culture seems to have a complex of Anglophilia.

And we here at Bibliobibuli are no exception. In fact, we find British books to be a valuable, interesting, fun read almost all of the time, although there are books we feel are just exceptionally British.

Well, dear readers, grab some jammy dodgers and a cup of your favourite tea, because here is our Very British List of Books, in No Particular Order.


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Top Ten Scary-Brilliant Leading Ladies

So badass ladies come in many different forms. Be they knife-wielders, fantastical mages, or bloody geniuses.

Let’s focus on the geniuses: these ladies can kick your ass with their brains. If they weren’t on your side, you’d piss your pants. You can’t help but root for them, and you know that they can get you out of dicey situations.

Below, we’ve gone beyond the tried and true Nancy Drew (who deserves her own list) to give you some of the best leading ladies who happen to also be blow your mind brilliant, in no particular order.

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Top Ten Badass Heroines

Part of what attracted me and Emily to the whole big genre of YA is that it has so many, many incredible woman characters. Seriously, there’s nothing quite like it if you want to read about badass women doing badass things. Or women doing anything, honestly, although I think that’s changing.

Anyways, YA features a whole host of women who are truly incredible. And there’s an important reason why they’re a key part of YA–because they tell us that we ourselves can be a little bit badass, and we can be women too. So here is our first Top Ten list, and a tribute to all of the badass heroines who have been there for us, in no particular order.

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