Finally putting a face to a name, or the cover reveal for Dawn of Ash


So, you want to know what is all kinds of pretty?

The cover to Dawn of Ash, book SIX in the Imdalind Series, that’s what.

So without further ado, we have not only the cover, but a blurby blurb that has SPOILERY SPOILERS for those of you who haven’t caught up yet.

Now scroooolllll!

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Looking Ahead to YALLfest

So, maybe you don’t know about YALLfest. It’s nothing to be ashamed about–I didn’t either, up until about this time two years ago. However, if you don’t know, this is the perfect time to look it up and then plan to go down to Charleston November 13-14.

If you haven’t guessed, that’s where Emily, myself and perhaps a few others plan to be that weekend. Why? Oh, only to meet our favourite authors, get our favourite books signed, and report back to you, dear readers, about everything you missed by not going to YALLfest. But, to convince you to go, we’re going to spend most of the rest of the time reminding you of all the reasons why we, personally, are looking forward to it.


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Oh, the Terrors of Mind Control, or my review of Graceling

red border limited cropGraceling (Graceling Realm #1)

by Kristen Cashore

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Finally putting a face to a name, or the cover reveal for Demons in Disguise

Here at Bibliobibuli YA, we absolutely love three things:

awesome young adult books

YA books without love triangles

attractive and coordinating book covers

Luckily, Demons in Disguise, the third book in the Divinicus Nex Chronicles, is part of a series that has all of the above.

blue border limited crop rotate

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If there were time-travel I’d be in the Roaring Twenties, or my review of The Diviners

red border limited crop

The Diviners (The Diviners #1)

by Libba Bray

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A book blitz for Cage of Deceit (and a giveaway)


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To celebrate the upcoming publication and blog tour (stopping by here on September 29th!) we have a book blitz for Cage of Deceit by Jennifer Anne Davis!  Continue reading

Finally putting a face to a name, or the cover reveal for Fire Falling (and a giveaway)

blue border limited crop rotate


Today, we have a cover reveal for Fire Falling, the second book in the Air Awakens series, by Elise Kova, and it is just as gorgeous as the first! I jumped on the Elisa Kova street team rather late in the game (er, last week) after discovering Air Awakens while prowling around Goodreads and felt that between its fantastic cover (by zwxArt) and its synopsis that it was my kind of book. Elise was nice enough to include me and Bibliobibuli despite my tardiness.

With out further ado, the cover is below. It is rather amazing if I do say so myself, as it not only is a work of art, but fully compliments the cover of book one. And you know how we here at Bibliobibuli YA feel about that.

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Cover Snobbery or how I judge a book by its cover and I’m not ashamed to admit it

blue border limited cropSo, I am a Cover Snob. The only thing I love more than being surrounded by a bunch of books? Being surrounded by books with absolutely amazing covers. The YA community seems to be blessed in this aspect. Covers are, more than not, artistic and capture the theme of the book. However, there are also these things called “cover redesigns” where the whole theme of the series book covers changes and then NONE OF YOUR BOOKS MATCH ANYMORE. Ahem. But these are forgiven because some are amazing, like the Shatter Me trilogy. And then you sometimes learn about amazing covers after you have bought the not as amazing cover and then you sit with your not as amazing book, which in all actuality is the exact same book, and repent that you did not find the more amazing cover sooner. Or, the more amazing cover is only on books in Australia and shipping would cost more than the book itself and your first born child. The Abhorsen series, you tease, you.

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Finally putting a face to a name, or the cover reveal for Dreaming of Antigone

blue border limited cropThanks to YA Bound Book Tours, we have a cover reveal to share with you today!

I read Robin Bridges’ Katerina Trilogy and loved it, so I can’t wait to see what she does when working in the contemporary genre.

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