List: Best/Worst Love Triangles

Ah, the Love Triangle: Instant guarantee of drama in any YA romance novel, it provides a vast array of emotions, from cringing embarrassment to outright competitions for Who Will Win the Heart of the MC (fortunately, Em and I have never yet been totally divided on our opinions of who should win, otherwise there might be strife in BibliobibuliYA).

Not that they’re all bad–on the contrary, there are some entertaining ones out there. But there are also some really, really bad ones (3 guesses what’s at the bottom of this list). So, for your reading pleasure, we’ve summed up what we consider the best and worst love triangles currently existing in YA Lit.


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Underrated Pixie Cuts, or my review of Resisting Ruby Rose

red border limited cropResisting Ruby Rose (Ruby Rose #2) 

by Jessie Humphries

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You need to find some new friends, dear, or my review of The Creeping

blue border limited crop 23309610 The Creeping

By Alexandra Sirowy

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Just stopping by, or a blog tour review of Nameless (and a giveaway)


blue border limited crop 21843172Nameless

By Jennifer Jenkins

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All of the Hints I missed before, or my review of A Great and Terrible Beauty

red border limited cropA Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle #1) 

by Libba Bray

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Just stopping by, or the blog tour review for Into the Dark (and a giveaway)



blue border limited cropInto-the-Dark-coverInto the Dark

By Caroline T. Patti

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Words, words, words, or an excerpt from The Hybrid (and a giveaway)


blue border limited cropThe HybridThe Hybrid

By Venus Morales

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Just stopping by, or the blog tour review for Twisted (and a giveaway)


blue border limited crop19502691Twisted (Deathwind Trilogy #1)

By Hooly Hook

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Fairies and Steampunk and Bloodshed, oh my, or my review of The Falconer

red border limited cropThe Falconer (The Falconer #1)

by Elizabeth May

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The mystery of Roth and his mood swings, or my review of Stone Cold Touch

blue border limited crop17455815Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2)

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

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