Character profiles for Project Pandora (and a giveaway)


project pandora

Project Pandora (Assassin Fall #1)

By: Aden Polydoros Continue reading

The convergence of dreams and reality with Kathryn Berla author of Dream Me (and a giveaway)


dream me

Dream Me

By: Kathryn Berla Continue reading

On world building and creating an underwater fantasy realm with Stacey Rourke author of Rise of the Sea Witch (and a giveaway)


rise of the sea witch

Rise of the Sea Witch (Unfortunate Souls Chronicles Book 1)

By: Stacey Rourke Continue reading

Wendy Laine discusses self harm and OCD in YA and her new book Secrets of Skin and Stone (and a giveaway)


secres skin and stone

Secrets of Skin and Stone

By: Wendy Laine Continue reading

5 fantastic things that inspired Violet Grenade (and a giveaway)


violet grenade

Violet Grenade

By: Victoria Scott Continue reading

Author spotlight with JC Welker, author of The Wishing Heart

the wishing heart

The Wishing Heart

By: J.C. Welker Continue reading

Mascara wands and doing history justice, BR Myers discusses her research for Diadem of Death (and a giveaway)


diadem of death

Diadem of Death (Nefertari Hughes Mystery #2)

By: BR Myers Continue reading

Get to know the characters of The Castaways with Jessika Fleck (and a giveaway)


the castaways

The Castaways

By:  Jessika Fleck Continue reading

Five things that changed in the making of Angelbound by Christina Bauer (and a giveaway)



Angelbound (Angelbound Origins #1)

By: Christina Bauer Continue reading

Just stopping by, or Donna Compositor on building the world for Curse of Stars (and a giveaway)


curse of stars

Curse of Stars (Diamond Crier #1)

By: Donna Compositor Continue reading

Just stopping by, or the research into Bluff with author Julie Dill (and a giveaway)




By: Julie Dill Continue reading

Author spotlight with Erica Cameron, author of Island of Exiles

island of exiles

Island of Exiles (The Ryogan Chronicles #1)

By: Erica Cameron Continue reading

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