Top Ten monsters with CE Clayton author of The Monster of Selkirk series (and a giveaway)


monsters of selkirk

The Heart of the Forest (The Monster of Selkirk #2)

By:C E Clayton Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with the Rime Chronicles (Including a deleted scene!) with author Mindee Arnett (and a giveaway)


shadow and flame

Shadow & Flame (Rime Chronicles #2)

By: Mindee Arnett Continue reading

Curbing curiosities, or an interview with Danielle L Jensen author of Dark Shores (and a giveaway)


dark shores

Dark Shores (Dark Shores #1)

By: Danielle L Jensen Continue reading

Top five things about Meimi from Alien Minds by Christina Bauer (and a giveaway)


alien minds

Alien Minds (Dimension Drift #1)

By: Christina Bauer Continue reading

Meet the characters of King of Fools with author Amanda Foody (and a giveaway)


king of fools

King of Fools (The Shadow Game #2)

By: Amanda Foody Continue reading

Curbing curiosities, or an interview with Cindy Anstey author of The Hummingbird Dagger (and a giveaway)


the hummingbird dagger

The Hummingbird Dagger

By: Cindy Anstey Continue reading

Meet the characters of Rune’s Folly with author Garen Glazier (and a giveaway)


rune's folly

Rune’s Folly (Tower of Shells #1)

By: Garen Glazier Continue reading

Words, words, words, or an excerpt from Through the White Wood by Jessica Leake (and a giveaway)


through the white woods

Through the White Wood

By: Jessica Leake Continue reading

Curbing curiosties, or an interview with Kelsey Sutton author of Smoke and Key (and a giveaway)


smoke and key

Smoke and Key

By: Kelsey Sutton Continue reading

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