The befuddlement starts on page one, or my review of The Raging Ones

the raging ones

The Raging Ones (The Raging Ones #1)

By: Krista and Becca Ritchie Continue reading

That moment when you should just admit that your love triangle isn’t a love triangle any more because one side is just better, or my review of Between Frost and Fury

Between frost and fury

Between Frost and Fury (The Xenith Trilogy)

By: Chani Lynn Feener Continue reading

What goes bump in the night only hurts the paying guests, or my review of House of Furies

house of furies

House of Furies (House of Furies #1)

By: Madeleine Roux Continue reading

Because no one’s done a love story with sasquatches yet, or my review of The Shadows We Know by Heart

The Shadows We Know by Heart

The Shadows We Know by Heart

By: Jennifer Park  Continue reading

Top quality kissy scenes, or my review of The Traitor’s Kiss

the traitors kiss

The Traitor’s Kiss (Traitor’s Trilogy #1)

By: Erin Beaty Continue reading

Diary of the Artist as a Self-Obsessed Drama Queen, or my review of Piper Perish

Piper Perish

Piper Perish

By: Kayla Cagan Continue reading

Just another one of those horrifying moments in History, or my review of Dreamland Burning

Dreamland Burning

Dreamland Burning

By: Jennifer Latham  Continue reading

You caught my attention at ‘space princess’, or my review of Empress of a Thousand Skies

Empress of a Thousand Skies

Empress of a Thousand Skies 

By: Rhoda Belleza  Continue reading

Are Meta-stories ever bad, or my review of When the Sea turned to Silver

When the Sea Turned to Silver

When the Sea Turned to Silver 

By: Grace Lin  Continue reading

Immigrants, they get the job done, or my review of Something in Between


Something in Between 

By: Melissa de la Cruz  Continue reading

Puzzled about why this is said to be a morality tale, or my review of Diabolic

The Diabolic

The Diabolic

By: S.J Kincaid Continue reading

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