Our Review Policy

We are not professional reviews and are not affiliated with any publishers, authors, or agents. We review books on our own time, because we enjoy it.

Our Review Policy is as follows:

All opinions are the writers’ own and are honest. No rewards, monetary or otherwise, influenced these opinions. In the case of Advanced Readers Copies (ARC) Reviews and some finished copies, these books were given for free from the publisher, author, the author’s publicist, an electronic reviewing source (such as NetGalley or Edelweiss) or another third party. For many finished copies, these books were either purchased or obtained through friends or giveaways. Please do not reproduce any of our work elsewhere.

Plot summaries and cover art featured in reviews are pulled from Goodreads unless otherwise noted.

We only review a limited number of solicited books. Please refrain from contacting us about reviewing your book.

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