Cover Snobbery or how I judge a book by its cover and I’m not ashamed to admit it

blue border limited cropSo, I am a Cover Snob. The only thing I love more than being surrounded by a bunch of books? Being surrounded by books with absolutely amazing covers. The YA community seems to be blessed in this aspect. Covers are, more than not, artistic and capture the theme of the book. However, there are also these things called “cover redesigns” where the whole theme of the series book covers changes and then NONE OF YOUR BOOKS MATCH ANYMORE. Ahem. But these are forgiven because some are amazing, like the Shatter Me trilogy. And then you sometimes learn about amazing covers after you have bought the not as amazing cover and then you sit with your not as amazing book, which in all actuality is the exact same book, and repent that you did not find the more amazing cover sooner. Or, the more amazing cover is only on books in Australia and shipping would cost more than the book itself and your first born child. The Abhorsen series, you tease, you.


There are also those books in other languages that you will never ever be able to read. And these are gorgeous. Seriously, go to Book Depository and look up the German versions of the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, or any of Cassandra Clare’s books, or any of Kiersten Gier’s books. And now you have an insatiable need to go learn German so that you can have a legitimate reason to have these books on your self for gazing purposes for all eternity. You are welcome. Your bank account is not. (You are also forced to endure Rosi’s laughter, since she has a legitimate reason to order books in German, but doesn’t).


And them sometimes, covers are just butt ugly. You’ll be reading a series and it has an absolutely fantastic cover and then someone decides that, nope, no more cool covers. And, BAM, that glorious first cover is usurped by a conniving little thing and nothing is ever the same again. I mean, the book is still great. It’s just that you can’t look at it without imagining how amazing the cover could have been. I am looking at you Diviners series, how could you do that to poor Libba? She has done nothing but write fantastic things and you give her a movie poster for a cover. Shame on you.


So, yes, I shamelessly like pretty covers and am judgemental of ugly ones. I feel that a book should be wrapped in loveliness that matches its insides. And when dealing with a portion of the market that is currently obsessed with the word “aesthetic,” one should definitely pay attention to and care about what a book ends up wearing.



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