An Intro From Emily or the first post on Bibliobibuli, so please bear with us, this is mildly terrifying

Bibliobibuli YA was created after I was told that I read way too much one too many times.

It is my response when trying to explain to my parents, and everyone else, what I actually do with my time outside of school.

It is a product of years of reading for school and liking it, and reading because I really liked a book’s synopsis, and reading because the cover was gorgeous, and reading because I didn’t like the people I had to go through middle school with and I needed a friend, and reading because I was dealing with depression.

It is my labor of love and show of gratitude for the beauty of the written word that led me through both very good times and very bad ones.

It is the result of a discussion between Rosi and I one day when we jokingly said that we should write a book blog and then decided that it wasn’t that much of a joke after all.

So hello, book blogging community and Happy World Book Day.

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