A Small Demonstration of How We Think, or our first book discussion

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This entire blog has been the product of long discussions between Emilyblue border limited crop and myself–it should, then, be of no surprise that at some point we’d grant you a glimpse of how we work. Or talk, really. So, as soon as we had
decided on the idea of Series Weeks, it followed that there should be a discussion, where we just talk about the books…only it’s written, and its on a blog. Anyways, what we’re trying to do is give all of you a small, non-terrifying idea of how we think–and we hope you enjoy it.

Anyways, los Geht’s!

EMILY: How many of our readers understand German?

ROSI: a few? Kaija and Silver live in Germany, it fits.

EMILY: kind of…

ROSI: Ok, fine, no German.

EMILY: I want to talk about the art. Kaija and Silver have some amazing concept art for DotWQ–I wish it could be in the book. (Everyone should check out the website, though).

ROSI: It really does help to imagine the world. Like the diagram of the Little White Lies.

EMILY: Right? And the characters.

ROSI: I wonder how much of the concept art is just that, or how much it also tells a story.

EMILY: It doesn’t really tell a story, I think it just solidifies the world building. But there are parallels between Daughters and Run Freak Run. Besides just art.

ROSI: Like what?

EMILY: Like the poetics before each part.

ROSI: Poetics?

EMILY: You know, the little stories before the big stories. Like with the first witch and Neerdeath.

ROSI: Oh yeahhh. All of the parts of Run Freak Run have those little intro pieces…that’s what you mean, right?

EMILY: Yes, where they sound like fairy tale introductions but more ominous.

ROSI: It’s kind of a signature move.

EMILY: I like it. A lot.

ROSI: I do too. Although their signature is really the sense of…whimsical creepiness?

EMILY: Well, yeah. I’d say that’s their signature.

ROSI: It fits into the poetic bits, though.

EMILY: Which are awesome.

ROSI: Yes.

EMILY: And the characters are always sassy.

ROSI: Always a plus, although at the moment I like Two better than Rain. They have such strange names…

EMILY: I like how sassy they are. Seriously, there is not a single non-sassy character in either project.

ROSI: Nicholas? Is he sassy?

EMILY: In his own way, he may not be actively sassy, but his internal monologue is.

ROSI: Those are all definite pluses to the series. The poetics and description, the characters. I can still see little markers that Silver and Kaija are new to this, though. Something about the way they do dialogue.

EMILY: Eh, maybe.

ROSI: I dunno, though. I’m also picky. Which is funny, because you’re usually the picky one.

EMILY: I am?

ROSI: Sometimes?

EMILY: We will discuss this later. Because you are, in your own words, also picky.

ROSI: Sadly, true. But I guess it’s also a thing about self-publishing–you don’t have an editor to make things nice and perfect for you.

EMILY: But they are, clearly, good writers.

ROSI: obviously.

EMILY: And I am VERY EXCITED about where the third part takes us

ROSI: Me too! I said it in my review.

EMILY: It needs to be said again.

ROSI: Probably.

EMILY: My vote is for a showdown between Neerdeath and Rain at the portal, although that’s obvious.

ROSI: I want to learn more about the witches. I have a suspicion that Kaija and Silver have this massive backstory–they emailed a request for names for a Queen Witch character–I just want to hear more about it.

EMILY: Seems reasonable, that they’d have that kind of a backstory.

ROSI: Doesn’t it? So far everything has been…rushed, but I can’t wait to get into some of it.

EMILY: I like the pacing.

ROSI: I mean, it’s good. But I want backstory.

EMILY: Fine, have your backstory. I just want to read whatever Kaija and Silver come up with next. Like, seriously, they are super creative.

ROSI: I have not yet gotten over the Tsar of London.

EMILY: That was a stroke of genius.

ROSI: It really was.

EMILY: Plus, all of the characters and creatures in Run Freak Run.

ROSI: They’re upping the ante for Daughters, I’ve noticed.

EMILY: Are they? I think it’s that awesome creepy weirdness still.

ROSI: Hmm, definitely creepy wierdness. Maybe not more of it.

EMILY: Just Kaija and Silver.

ROSI: Do we want to talk about Run Freak Run? More, I mean?

EMILY: How so?

ROSI: How it’s ending…

EMILY: NO. What is going to make my Mondays bearable now?

ROSI: A very good question.

EMILY: Seriously. Mondays are horrible.

ROSI: I don’t know how to say I agree differently…I feel like I’m messing up the transcript, because I’m agreeing so much.

EMILY: And now you’re breaking the Fourth Wall.

ROSI: Oops.

EMILY: Geez.

ROSI: Sorry?

EMILY: Don’t mention how Run Freak Run is going to end, and I might forgive you.

ROSI: Then let’s speculate openly on how Kaija and Silver should do another webcomic thing. Because seriously, it’s an awesome medium.

EMILY: Will speculating openly make them do anything?

ROSI: Maybe?

EMILY: Let’s hope so.

ROSI: Hmm…anything else to discuss?

EMILY: I want to know what’s up with the acorn from the most recent comic. But other than that, I think we’re running out of time…well, space.

ROSI: I think we are too. I’m definitely running out of ideas.

EMILY: Tut, tut.

ROSI: Silly Emily.

This discussion, such as it is, wraps up our first Series Week. Much thanks to Kaija Rudkiewicz and Silver Saaremaeel for their support, and also for writing such great stories!

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