The Bibliobibuli Holiday Special, or Christmas is next week and we only now made our wish lists

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We here at Bibliobibuli YA have a rather long bookish Christmas list. However, we are heathens so will probably be receiving none of the following.

Some of these things may not possible.

Also, we are poor and so are all our friends. And our parents laugh at us if we ask for more bookishness and say silly, nonsensical things, like “You already have a lot of book things, you do not need more.”

They are obviously liars or our real parents were abducted by aliens.

The point being, we made a list and want everything on it.

So, happy holidays lovely readers. Go forth and celebrate this unusually warm winter season in the best way you deem possible.

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  1. I want the new Winner’s Trilogy covers to be some big practical joke. Someone needs to come out and say these shenanigans have gone too far. They’ve terrorized the book nerds too much, we are all running around like beheaded chickens. We need that pretty cover with the chick in the dress on it back, not these new things that look suspiciously like the covers for the Throne of Glass series. (On a similar note, I want the Dark Caravan Cycle books to stick with the original cover ideas, too. I also could have read the sequel already if they hadn’t done the cover redesign. Tisk, tisk.)
  3. The Sandman comic complete collection. Signed by Neil himself, of course.
  4. ALL the Girl Genius volumes. Yes, all 13 of them.
  5. A virtual shopping trip to the Folio Society bookstore.
  6. To have all of my favorite books ever signed by my favorite authors. This is not a ruse so I can lure them to my house and lock them in my basement and keep them there to write for me forever and ever. I swear.
  7. To have the book boyfriend of my dreams gift wrapped under my tree.
  8. To have a YALLFest fast pass. You know those things from Disney or Six Flags that let you jump to the front of lines? I want one for YALLFest signing lines.
  9. An all expense paid trip to BEA. Which is in Chicago, by the way, and it looks like the most fun thing in the world. Probably because I can’t go.
  10. A bottomless book fund.

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