A very happy New YeArs to you!

Hello, dear readers!

We at BibliobibuliYA wish you a very happy New Years, and many profound thanks for the love you’ve shown us. It’s been less than a year since we started this little project up, but we have been touched by all of the support you’ve given (especially those of you who aren’t related to us/indebted to us in some regard. We love you most of all). With your continued adoration, we hope to have a wonderful year, full of books, reviews and general silliness.

As you can probably see, we’ve already decided to start the year off with a new look–Emily will be tweaking the site over the next few days, but all of our content will still be here. And, with any luck, we’ll end up with a  beautiful-looking website.

There are also some bigger changes coming up for the two of us. We’ll both be graduating college shortly, and moving on to bigger and better things (well, maybe). That being said, we’re pretty certain that wherever life takes us, we’ll drag our books along with. Come hell or high water, we will one day make it to BEA.

And, on that note, here are our (book-related) New Years Resolutions.

Thanks, again, for reading.

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We resolve to….

Go to BEA

Because the Book Expo of America is basically our version of heaven. So many books, so many authors, so little time…and it’s a wonderful opportunity to see Chicago. Sadly, we’re poor college/graduate students, but we can at least hope!


Read more books (duh)

Granted, Em and I already read far more books than most humans, but can you ever read too many books? We say no. Besides, it’s Em’s secret ambition to have an actual library where she can lounge in a smoking jacket and do nothing but read. (Judging by her room, she’ll get there in no time).

Get reviews out on time

When we first decided to have this blog, it was agreed we would all write reviews at least a month early, give each other time to edit anything we post, and plan out every month in acute detail. Sometime around August (AKA school time) this all fell apart. Whether we actually end up being as organised as we want to be, only time will tell.

Think of things to do on Fridays

Also at the beginning of last year, we resolved to have all of these cool things to do on Fridays instead of regular reviews, like story time Fridays, and most-anticipated books, and lists, and all that. Most of this has fallen by the wayside–although if anyone has any new ideas, please let us know!

Get the Story Time thing together

This is basically an addendum to the above, but Emily has this wish that the blog also be someplace where I can put my own creative scribblings up, as well as reviewing the scribblings of others. This might depend on whether we get back to that editing thing, but keep your eyes peeled for Ro specials…

Keep most of our sanity

This is probably a lost cause by now–I don’t think anyone, least of all our friends and family, would say that we’re truly sane. But as we mentioned, there’s lots of academic and life-related challenges in store for us this year, and we hope to meet these to the best of our abilities, and keep reading  as well.

Read even more books

This deserves to be mentioned twice, because we REALLY want to read more books. This also goes with the above resolution, because for us, our love of YA books keeps us (mostly) sane. Amidst all of the chaos, academic chores, and life events, reading is always a welcome and necessary respite.

Figure out how to eat while reading

OK, so we mostly know how–both Emily and I have mastered the ‘hold the book open with one hand, hold food with the other’ thing. What we’re really working on at this point is how to do this successfully without getting said food on our precious books and/or ourselves. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!

Get more books signed

This should come as no surprise to anyone, after our YALLfest ravings, but Em and I are both nuts about signed books. Our ultimate goal? Getting books signed by Neil Gaiman, the God of YA , Revered Creator of the Endless, 10th Muse and all around wonder. But basically, if we get all of our favourite books signed by all of our favourite authors we’ll be just about content. This might, however, take a while.

Cuddle more puppies

I am writing this as Em’s puppy dashes around and begs for affection, but life is not complete without adorable little animals to cuddle. So we should all resolve to cuddle more puppies. The End.

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