Power Rangers Theme Song, or our third Joint Review: Women Warriors Edition

red border limited cropblue border limited cropI got on the Women Warriors book review train a little late, but in lieu of Emily’s plugging of the Defy series, by Sarah B. Larson, I thought I’d present an alternative–the Throne of Glass series, by Sarah J. Maas. Now, the two series have a lot of similarities, but we both have our favourites. Can we persuade each other that the other series is better? Let’s be honest, probably not–but we proudly present our attempt!

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A Small Demonstration of How We Think, or our first book discussion

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This entire blog has been the product of long discussions between Emilyblue border limited crop and myself–it should, then, be of no surprise that at some point we’d grant you a glimpse of how we work. Or talk, really. So, as soon as we had
decided on the idea of Series Weeks, it followed that there should be a discussion, where we just talk about the books…only it’s written, and its on a blog. Anyways, what we’re trying to do is give all of you a small, non-terrifying idea of how we think–and we hope you enjoy it.

Anyways, los Geht’s!

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