You need to find some new friends, dear, or my review of The Creeping

blue border limited crop 23309610 The Creeping

By Alexandra Sirowy

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: August 18th, 2015

Format: ebook

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Eleven years ago, Stella and Jeanie disappeared. Stella came back. Jeanie never did.

Now all she wants is a summer full of cove days, friends, and her gorgeous crush—until a fresh corpse leads Stella down a path of ancient evil and secrets.

Stella believes remembering what happened to Jeanie will save her. It won’t.

She used to know better than to believe in what slinks through the shadows. Not anymore.

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Honestly, this book was awful. I couldn’t stomach more than several chapters, and that was pushing it. These chapters consisted of toxic female friendships and the main characters odd preoccupation with her friend’s boobs. Multiple times these “friends” refer to each other in derogatory terms, like slut, and I couldn’t help but cringe.

If there is one thing that I hate the most, it is females using hurtful and demeaning terms to speak to not only other women, but their friends. It isn’t funny and it isn’t clever. It is rude and was awful to read about. Especially when one of the friends is apparently rather intelligent and should know better.

Another complaint I had before I closed the book for good, was the direction that the love triangle was heading. It looked like it would be the “best friend” pushing the main character into dating one guy while she obviously liked another. So, the “friend” didn’t care about the mc’s feelings, just that the relationship that she set up was convenient for her. Enter unnecessary love triangle.

My final sentiment: I am really glad I DNF’ed this book before I screamed or my head exploded. What the hell is that chick on the cover even trying to accomplish? Also, the title made me think of the villain doing a cartoon esque tip-toe to sneak up on the character, don’t ask. The end.

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Disclaimer: Thank you to PulseIt for providing a free copy of the book as part of their free read program through their site. The synopsis, cover and other book info were pulled from the book’s Goodreads page. None belong to us.


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  1. It is a shame that such a book is targeting young readers. There is enough that young people have to go through these days without being belittled by their friends. I had a friend, an adult friend at that, that thought it was acceptable among her friends to call them bitch. I flat told her that it was unacceptable and that is not how friends talk to each other. Needless to say, I quit being friends with her.

    1. Yes! Totally agree. In terms of the book, I failed to see how such interactions added to the narrative or gave any legitimacy to the girls’ friendships. Who talks to their friends that way?

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