Operation No Sophomore Slump! or my review of Drop Dead Demons

blue border limited crop15723916Drop Dead Demons (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #2)

By A&E Kirk

Publisher: Published Independently

Publication Date: May 27th, 2014

Format: Kindle



It’s the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Sequel to the #1 Amazon Best Seller and #1 Hot New Release, DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT! Continuing the thrill-ride adventures of Aurora and the Super Sexy HEXY KNIGHTS!
Survival. It’s an on-going battle.

Aurora Lahey finally knows why supernatural slayers salivate to slaughter her, but how to stop them? Not so much. Sure, she’s discovered her own lethal powers, and has six sexy, super-charged, demon hunting Hex Boys watching her back–the hottest one watching every part of her. But when a seductive stranger delivers a deadly ultimatum, Aurora and the Hex Boys plunge into a do-or-die hunt for a legendary Mandatum treasure, which will finally shift power in their favor. Or unleash hell on earth.

Pursued by demons of mythical proportions, Aurora and the Hex Boys race deeper into the shadowy world of a centuries-old mystery and brutal conspiracy, where no one and nothing is what it seems. Where love and betrayal go hand-in-hand, and trusting the wrong person not only breaks your heart, but gets you killed.

Uncovering shocking secrets from the Hex Boys’ past, hiding her Divinicus Nex identity, lying to her pretend-wish-he-were-real boyfriend, dodging demons, breaking into ancient tombs, taking the unexpected side trip to the dark depths of the Waiting World, tracking a traitor, and passing Physics…Aurora could do that in her sleep. Or more likely, die trying.


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4 star rating


In the second Divinicus Nex novel, Drop Dead Demons, the stakes are up and Aurora tries even harder to keep her identity a secret as she becomes a more active member of the Hex Boys while dealing with threats on both her life and her heart.

The story starts with a kidnapping (sort of) and the appearance of Rose, the guy from the pool at the end of book one. Rose is a man on a mission and that mission is Aurora dead, unless she can find a certain powerful stone. Unfortunately, no one really knows where said stone is. On top of this, Ayden is acting weird and those Divinicus Nex powers from the end of book one? They haven’t shown up since.

The authors maintain the hilarity from book one, with brief dips into seriousness when required, while adding to the overall plot and the colorful collection of characters. Aurora and her family maintain a tight bond, which I loved, and a new family member, Aunt M, has come to visit and is constantly suspicious of everyone, especially the Hex Boys. Despite Aurora’s antics and Aunt M’s prying, the Lahey’s remain blessedly clueless of the chaos going on around them. Good thing, too, because as soon as the plot gets going, a target is back on Aurora and she’s once again demon bait.

Ayden and Aurora’s relationship develops throughout the book as well. While Ayden may be acting odd, there is no angst, which is amazing, and they eventually talk their problems out, which is refreshing. They also play off of each other effectively and have a chemistry that I adore. Basically, I really hope everything works out for the best for this couple and I wouldn’t mind spending more one on one time with them in future books.

Aurora’s relationship with the other guys in the group is great. There is no extra romantic tension, no love triangle, just fun banter and friendly support. I especially enjoyed how Aurora didn’t take any of Matthias’s crap, and even gave it right back to him. I wish there was more female only interactions, but, from the limited amount that was available, there was no girl bashing and I am hoping to see more Jocelyn-Aurora time in the future. I could see the two of them being good friends and swapping Hex Boy stories.

The plot of the story was great, too. The majority of it is related to finding the stone for Rose and solving the mystery behind the history of their high school and its relationship to the Mandatum. There is still focus on the overarching plot of who is behind the attack on Aurora  from before the first book, which was great. However, the one drawback I found with the book was that, while the main plot was wrapped up nicely, not a lot went on with regards to the subplot until the end of the book. The book ends on what could be called a cliffhanger, with some some important information being revealed and I am curious, and have my own suspicions, about what this new info means.

The book was entertaining and a great light read. My only complaint is that I wish more happened with the development of the overarching plot and Matthias’s constant nagging became annoying. I would highly recommend this book as a continuation of the series and, as the title of this review suggests, there is no dragging and the writing and plotting stay up to par with the first book. Let’s just hope that the next book comes out SOON. Please and thank you.

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