It will hurt a lot but you’ll like it, or my review of Clanless


Clanless (Nameless #2)

By: Jennifer Jenkins

Publisher: Month9Books

Publication Date: October 4th, 2016

Format: eARC


Striker Gryphon has lost his position of honor among the Ram, and is now a hunted man. A traitor.

Zo, the object of his affection, was murdered by members of his former clan. To honor her memory, he journeys to the highly secretive Raven “Nest” to warn strangers of their impending demise—though it could cost him more than just his pride.

He doesn’t know that Zo is very much alive and in another part of the region assisting Nameless refugees over a mountain swarming with wild men known as “Clanless.”

As each struggle to make sense of what their lives have become, they fight and claw to reach the Allied Camp, their last hope in bringing peace to the region.

But the road back to one another is treacherous and uncertain. And freedom will come with a price.

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5 star (unicorn)

Where can I begin? To sum up my feelings for Clanless in as few words as possible, READ IT. READ IT NOW, AND THANK ME LATER. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY READITNOW. Ahem. Or, you know, tomorrow. When its released.

Adding to that, Clanless was everything I have been waiting for since finishing Nameless last year. And that was a long, hard, painful wait, but was so worth it. We have more of Zo and Gryphon, and Zo and Gryphon together of course, but they earn the time they get together and most of the book they spend apart. While I would gladly read an entire book of Zo and Gryphon together time, their separate stories allow for growth and an extensive amount of world building, as we get to see the world and people outside of Ram’s Gate.

We again have dual points of view from Zo and Gryphon, written in the same distinct and well crafted voices as before, as they navigate the world truly believing that the other is dead, with no help from a meddling Gabe. I was grateful that Jennifer didn’t play lightly with this trope, the feelings she gives both of her main characters felt genuine and realistic, and the reactions were well written and in character. Gryphon uses his grief to propel him to do what he promised Zo, to do what she expected of him, to be a savior instead of a hunter and be the man she fell in love with. Zo battles her grief differently, she manages to lead her small band and reunite with the other Nameless, and take care of her dwindling family, Joshua and Tess. However, her grief has repercussions, and as she bottles up her feelings, pushes them down to deal with them later, her powers, the ability to connect and care for another to be able to heal them, are affected. I also appreciated that, while both parties thought that their relationship was done, the actions they took and the thoughts they had for each other, proved these two not only belonged together, but deserve each other in the best of ways.

This isn’t to say, though, that the plot is lost amongst the Zo and Gryphon feels, and the heart wrenching near misses of them meeting up again. The story moves forward, lines are drawn, allies are gathered, and then it settles into a pleasant lull and, then, BAM, the ending, while not a cliff hanger, SLAPS YOU IN THE FACE. And it stings. This third book is set up to be a real kick to the stomach that I will probably greatly enjoy. What can I say, I love these two, no matter how painfully self-sacrificing they get.

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Disclaimer: The synopsis and cover picture were pulled from the book’s Goodreads page. Neither belong to us. A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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