It was supposed to be a simple carjacking and kidnapping, or our review of Daughter of the Witch Queen Part 2

25466558Daughters of the Witch Queen: The Bathhouse (Daughters of the Witch Queen Part 2)

By Silver Saaremaeel and Kaija Rudkiewicz

Publisher: Published Independently

Published: May 2nd, 2015

Format: eARC

In which Rosi and I have different ratings and I prove to be much more easy to please. Also, we both would really appreciate having part 3 right now, thank you. AND, part one is FREE for a limited time on Amazon. So, get to buying that.


“She’s the kind of pain in your ass that you can’t walk off.”
– Vision

Nicholas Odd has been kidnapped. Forced to act as a driver to his captors – a girl with purple eyes, and a talking raven – Nicholas looks for opportunities to stay alive and escape. But the world around him seems to disagree, and he’s only pulled in deeper. Until nothing makes sense anymore.

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5 star rating

blue border limited cropIn part two of Daughters of the Witch Queen, Silver and Kaija once again draw you into their odd little London. The ante is upped and Nic, who just wanted a smoke, is close to being catatonic, which is not exactly surprising as we left him last time kidnapped in a car with a talking raven and a girl who is neither afraid of carjacking nor threatening to stab people.

However, the prospect of escape again eludes Nic as he is pulled deeper in to this delightfully creepy alternate London. Nic deals with weird new creatures like mermaids and quickly respawning white lies, and increasingly befuddling situations, like pulling rusty nails from his kidnappers stomach in a scene that very much reminded me of the movie Alien. All the while Nic asks the important questions like who? why? and what the hell? in some variation.

This second installment brought a much faster pace to the story, which was wonderful, it fleshed out the recurring characters, and built upon the cast with new and varied characters, like the mermaids and the Tsar of London who maintains a powerful presence while being hooked up to life support. The Bathhouse combines the surreal imagery present in the first installment with a twist of dark humor that proved highly entertaining. The story ends with a hint of much more action to come and me, once again, wishing it wasn’t so very short and that there wasn’t a wait for part 3.

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4 star rating

red border limited cropI’m not entirely sure why this didn’t grab me like it did the first part…maybe because beginnings tend to be natural hooks? Or maybe because it does jump straight in where we left off with Nicholas and Rain in Part I. It relies on a continuity that is there only if you have read Part I immediately beforehand (which everyone probably should).

Not to say I didn’t like it. Kaija and Silver are wonderfully creative and wonderfully creepy, as always. I mean, a Tsar of London? That’s pretty great. Mermaids are portrayed…quite differently than you might originally think of them. Rain is a fascinating character and Nicholas is, well, bumbling along. It’s still only a piece–as far as I know, it’s the middle piece of what will eventually be a novel of sorts. Despite that, however, it’s quite fast-paced.

Maybe the reason I’m not quite as drawn in is because I’m starting to feel Nicholas’ tiredness towards everything that’s happening. Things just keep…popping up…with little explanation, only creepiness. Because it’s Kaija and Silver I have faith that the finale will be FANTASTIC, and that they’ll explain all of the witchiness that’s going on. I also have to say that they do a good job of keeping the tension high and the plot going, which might be because they don’t stop and explain something every time it happens.

DotWQ is still definitely something worth reading–and like I said, I am very much looking forward to the third part, which is due to come out SOON. As a side note, I’m also impressed at how madly Kaija and Silver are working on the project. They are getting things done quite quickly!

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