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Ferocious (Vicarious #2)

By: Paula Stokes

Publisher: Tor Teen

Publication Date: August 15th, 2017

Format: eARC

Paula Stokes returns to the world of Vicarious in this sequel, a high-action psychological thriller with a protagonist out for vengeance.

When Winter Kim finds out that her sister is dead and that she has a brother she never knew about, only two things matter―finding what’s left of her family and killing the man who destroyed her life. Her mission leads her from St. Louis to Los Angeles back to South Korea, where she grew up.

Things get increasingly dangerous once Winter arrives in Seoul. Aided by her friends Jesse and Sebastian, Winter attempts to infiltrate an international corporation to get close to her target, a nefarious businessman named Kyung. But keeping her last remaining loved ones out of the line of fire proves difficult, and when all seems to be lost, Winter must face one last devastating decision: is revenge worth sacrificing everything for? Or can she find a spark of hope in the darkness that threatens to engulf her?

4 star (griffin)

My all time favorite characters are the badass ladies that take no shit, and Winter is one of them. Winter’s story comes to a close Ferocious, and while I am sad to let her and Jesse go, it was a great ending for both of them.

This is more of a heist story, rather than the mystery/murder thriller of the first book, and the tension didn’t feel as high. But, then again, finding your sister’s killer will always be a bit more emotionally taught than stealing something. Paula does it well  though, and I think if I wasn’t coming off of Winter solving her sister’s murder in Vicarious I wouldn’t have noticed.

With a new  book comes a change in scenery, and Paula paints Seoul vividly. The culture and food are vibrant and sound delicious and I also just love travelling (and heisting) in YA books. And then there is Jesse, who is wonderful. I loved his relationship with Winter and its slow burn nature. They are good for each other, and I loved watching their friendship was built into something more. Most of all, I appreciated Paula’s treatment of mental illness, and how Winter learned that seeking help for it wasn’t something to be ashamed of.

Ferocious is an excellent conclusion to this duology and it will keep you on your toes with all the action and questionable characters.

Paula Stokes is the author of several novels, most recently Vicarious and Girl Against the Universe. Her writing has been translated into eleven foreign languages. Paula loves kayaking, hiking, reading, and seeking out new adventures in faraway lands. She also loves interacting with readers. Find her online at authorpaulastokes.com or on twitter as @pstokesbooks.

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