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fear my mortality

Fear My Mortality (Mortal Eternity #1)

By: Everly Frost

Publisher: Month 9 Books

Publication Date: April 5th, 2016

Format: eARC


In a world where people are invulnerable to illness and death, with lives spanning hundreds of years, a sixteen-year-old becomes witness to the impossible – her brother’s failure to regenerate after death after which she suspects that she too may be mortal.

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4 star (griffin)

Fear My Mortality had a bit of a learning curve, but after being taught the rules of Ava’s world and the meaning of Implosion, which was tossed around like a foot ball before it was finally clarified, the book sucked you in and spit you out with a mild cliff hanger. Everly’s world building was sewn throughout the plot quite seamlessly, meaning Ava’s first person narrative avoids info dumping. Instead, Everly trusts her readers enough to piece together Ava’s world from the more than copious amounts of building blocks that she lets drop as the story goes on.

Fear My Mortality was a fresh take on the alternative history plot, creating a world that is not that different from our own, except for the fact that people live a happy and full 350 year old life. It’s a society free of gruesome deaths and murder, one that revels in new ways to maim and kill just to see how well one’s opponent heals. A society with an underbelly of genetic manipulation testing and militant hate groups.

The romance aspect was light, but a budding relationship can be seen between Ava and Michael. There is a rocky start, Michael having been responsible for Ava’s brother’s death, but, through some legitimate sacrifices from Michael and some understanding from Ava, a friendship is formed that is developing into something more by the end of the book. I’m looking forward to book two where we’ll, hopefully, see much more of Ava and Michael interacting as a couple while not on the run.

Fear My Mortality was an original and engaging read. Ava is a character to root for, she takes her new status in stride and is quick to think on her feet. Michael earned his place as a worthy love interest, and is written as a character that can be easily sympathized with. His pain and guilt over what he has done and his inability to physically suffer for it, is palpable. This is all tied together in a creatively rendered plot that will leave you begging for the sequel.

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Everly Frost wrote her first story when she was nine. She grew up in a country town, lived for a little while in Japan, and worked for several years in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Now, Everly lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children. She doesn’t speak Japanese so often anymore, has left the cold Canberra winters behind, but has never stopped writing.

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