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the starriest summer

blue border limited crop starriestsummercover The Starriest Summer (The Cycle of the Six Moons #1)

By Adelle Yeung

Publisher: Indigo Platinum Press

Publication Date: December 1st, 2015

Format: eARC

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Fifteen-year-old Michelle saves the world on a daily basis…with her trusty video game controller, of course! Naturally, she jumps at the chance to play an experimental virtual reality game.

The beautiful fantasy world of Starrs? Check. The power to mold matter? Check. No reset button? Wait, she didn’t sign up for this!

Turns out Starrs is really real, and to make matters worse, Michelle’s interference awakens the Cycle of the Six Moons, a series of devastating trials that will devour the universe.

Fighting the apocalypse was way easier when danger stayed on the other side of the screen, but Michelle finds a secret weapon in her new-found powers. She uses them to rescue the crown prince of a powerful magic kingdom from their sworn enemies, a technologically-advanced cult that strives to eradicate magical blood.

Michelle starts to fall for Prince Jayse, the only one who believes Michelle to be a savior rather than a curse. But not even video games could prepare her for what the cult has in store for them…

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3 star rating

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With an adorable cover that immediately grabbed my attention, The Starriest Summer was book that provided a story full of a cuteness to match its cover. The only qualm I had when starting the book was that Michelle is a little younger than the YA characters I normally read about. However, her unfiltered and endearing personality kept me hooked until the end.

There is a wide cast of characters that all keep recurring and flow in and out of Michelle’s story. All are unique and highly entertaining, my only issue with them was that they all seemed to act only a little more mature than Michelle regardless of their age, position, or rank. There is a blooming romance between Michelle and the prince, Jayse, and I am glad to see that it will probably remain a linear relationship without any interlopers. It is a sweet little romance with great potential to be a lovely subplot.

my main issue with the book was that everyone seemed so young. While Michelle jumps to some outrageous conclusions during the story, like one instance where she suddenly decides shes been kidnapped, the other characters just nod and take her oddness in stride. I was rather surprised that more people were not giving her a bewildered side eye. All together, though, once it clicked for me that Michelle’s outspoken-ness was not going to get her into any serious trouble, I settled back and enjoyed a quick read that turned out to be all kinds of fun.

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Adelle Yeung Adelle Yeung is the author of The Cycle of the Six Moons trilogy, a young adult fantasy adventure.

She is also a voice-over artist who can’t go a day without a cup of tea. When she’s not writing or recording, she enjoys sewing costumes, baking sweets, and escaping on video game adventures. She lives in California with a cat that dreams of eating the pet bird.

She has provided script supervision for the independent animation, Shattered Heaven, and is head script editor and one of the co-writers for the upcoming game Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe.

Find the author: WebsiteGoodreadsTwitterFacebook


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Disclaimer: The synopsis, cover, author photo, and more were provided by YA Bound Book Tours. A copy of the book was provided for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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