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blood magic

Blood Magic (Blood Series #2)

By: Danielle Rose

Publisher: OfTomes Publishing

Publication Date: August 1st, 2017

Avah Taylor thought she had already faced the worst.

As her coven’s chosen one, destined to receive a power that could kill her, Avah was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice when she gave up her mortal life to become a vampire, the witches’ greatest enemy. But just when she begins to adjust to her new life, even as she falls in love with her sire, the high priestess of her new coven is seized by Rogue vampires.

Guided by Avah’s visions of the past, present, and future, Avah and the other vampires set out to rescue their priestess, but their journey leads Avah to the discovery that the conspiracy behind her power runs deeper than she ever imagined. As her visions grow increasingly terrifying, Avah begins to wonder if she may not have a future at all.

1. If you emptied out your purse, wallet, desk drawer, pockets, backpack, beach bag, saddle bag, or fanny pack, what would we find?

I try to keep my purse super light, mainly because I have no interest in carrying a heavy bag over my shoulder. If I were to dump out my bag, I would find my cell phone; wallet; sunglass case with sunglasses, lens cloth, and lens spray (I have horrible vision, so I need corrective lenses); gum; Chapstick; engraved compact with business cards; and pill holder with Ibuprofen and Zyrtec. Boring, right?

2. What is your writing process? Are you a plotter or a panster? Which came first: the novel or the title?

I don’t really have a process. Every book I write is written differently. Blood Rose, my publication debut, was written over a six year period because I used it as my under grad and graduate school theses. Blood Magic, Blood Rose’s sequel, was written in two weeks. Blood Promise, the final book in the Blood Books trilogy, was written over a one month period… I think. I didn’t worry too much about tracking the length of time with that book, but I feel confident saying one month.

I’m that weird hybrid creature, who semi-plots and semi-pants. (Ha!) I have an incredible active imagination, and with every book, I see the story unfolding in my mind. Often times, I can see the beginning, middle, and end of the story, but other times, I see certain parts and the rest unfold while I write.

My writing and titling process changes with each book. Sometimes, I see the title first, like with Blood Magic and Blood Promise. Sometimes, I have to write the book (or at least part of it) before the title comes to me, like with Blood Rose.

I’m a weird writer…

3. Which do you prefer: drafting or revising?

Revising all the way! Editing is SO much easier than writing the first draft. I think I am probably the only writer who would answer this question this way… I think that’s because of my extremely active imagination. So far, I haven’t had to make too many drastic revisions after I write the book and send it to my editor, which makes revising much more fun. So instead of doing massive overhauls, I get to focus on fun things, like fleshing out scenes.

4. What is your number one writing tip?

READ. Read a lot. Read often. Read everything.

5. A book goes through a lot of different versions and rounds of editing before it’s complete.  What are some “fun facts” or behind the scenes info you can share about the characters from your book or the world you created for it that may or may not have made it to the final draft of the book?

Here’s a fact from each of the books in my Blood Books trilogy:

  1. Blood Rose: Avah Taylor, the main character, was originally named Jessalyn.
  2. Blood Magic: I was originally going to end this book on a major cliffhanger. For those of you who have read the book, you can probably guess where I was going to end it. But I decided to add a little bit more, essentially removing the cliffhanger, because I didn’t want readers to hate me.
  3. Blood Promise: I considered writing an epilogue that continues the story maybe a year or so after the final events of the book. In the future, I just might pen this idea.

6. Do you have a special story, a discovery you made while doing research, or an innocuous thought that grew into something bigger that is behind your inspiration for the book?

Yes, my Blood Books trilogy is not just about a war between vampires and witches. The story itself has many underlying themes that are pertinent to the world we live in today, including oppression, discrimination, racism, and tyranny. I try to weave these ideas into the plot without being overbearing or preachy.

7. Who was your favorite character to write and who gave you the most trouble?

Sebastian and Jeremiah were my favorite characters to write, because they have such an effortless humor to them. I also enjoyed writing Avah and Jasik’s relationship, because they form an unbreakable bond more than just a physical level. I think the hardest relationship to write was the relationship between Avah and her mother, which is nothing like the relationship I have with my own mother.

When I write, I strive to remain realistic. I don’t care if I’m writing about vampires and witches; I want it to be realistic for the world, the characters, and the reader. Because of this, I had to think hard about the lives these people live and how they would react in certain situations. When I did that, I created a relationship between the heroine and her mother that is toxic. The reader can see it’s toxic, and Avah learns of this, too, but Avah’s mother truly believes she raised Avah the best way she could. It’s a fascinating dynamic, in my opinion.

8. If you could ask a character of your choice from BLOOD MAGIC one question what would it be?

I would Malik to tell us more about his relationship with a certain special lady. Malik’s romance is forbidden, but he is also incredible closed off. I think readers would like to get to know him more, but that would involve him opening up… something he would rather not do.

9. What scene from the book are you most proud of (because of how you handled the atmosphere, characters, dialogue, etc)?

I am incredibly proud of the entire series. Writing a book is not easy. Writing a connected series is even harder. Writing the books in a short period of time can be argued as nearly impossible.

If I had to choose, I would say I am most proud of the scenes that pull at your heartstrings. Writing a sad scene is incredible difficult, because you want to illicit sadness (and even tears) from the reader. There are a few scenes in both Blood Magic and Blood Promise that are quite powerful in this way, and I’m really proud of them.

10. Is there a scene that you had difficulty with and just had to “power through” to finish the book? Or a scene that made you very emotional?

Quite a few scenes made me emotional, but that’s because I bring in a sense of realism in my writing. I wrote these books during a time when specific social movements were happening in the real world. Avah too had grown up in an oppressive environment filled with ridicule and discrimination. She had to persevere and learn to stand (and think) on her own. It’s not easy being a witch when you protect those who would have you burned at the stake.

11. What are the top five things we should know as a reader before starting BLOOD MAGIC?

The top five things readers need to know before reading the Blood Books

  1. This is a planned trilogy, so you must read the books in order: Blood Rose then Blood Magic then Blood Promise, which releases October 31st.
  2. This series is centered around a war between mortals (witches) and immortals (vampires), so there is a lot of action and a lot of violence.
  3. There is a romantic relationship, and as their relationship grows and their bond becomes stronger, the book’s romance level increases. Be prepared for sexy scenes in this book!
  4. The witches and vampires in the Blood Books trilogy have special powers. Witches can control one of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, or spirit), and there is a special race of vampires who have powers as a shielder, seer, healer, or reader. You’ll learn all about those in the books!
  5. I wrote this series to be incredibly fast paced. The storyline takes places over just a few weeks, and each book picks up right where the last book left off. Get ready for nonstop action, some romance, and a fast read!

12. What is next for you? What are your currently working on?

I’m currently working on two things: the first is a young adult dystopian novel for my publisher, Oftomes Publishing. It’s called End of Days, and right now, it’s a standalone novel. I wanted to write something extremely diverse, so the main character is an African American lesbian with a Caucasian girlfriend. After a not-so-pleasant comment left on one of my posts from a homophobic person, I also decided to add in a gay best friend. My publisher plans to release this novel in summer of 2018!

I’m also working on an erotic thriller, which is my adult romance debut. No news on publication yet, though.

In terms of publishing, I have two more releases planned for 2017: Blood Promise, the final book in my Blood Books trilogy releases on October 31st, and Her, my young adult horror short story, releases on September 19th. You can learn more about them on my website:

Danielle Rose holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. Currently residing in the Midwest, where she spends her days dreaming of warmer temperatures, when she’s not writing, she enjoys pretending she lives in California, spending an embarrassing amount of time at Hobby Lobby, and binge-watching Netflix. Visit Danielle on the Web:

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