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when planets fall

When Planets Fall (Stars Fall Circle #1)

By: Abby J Reed

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Publication Date: April 12th, 2017


Breaker’s home is cleaved by blood. The three tribes on the planet Scarlatti, whose only difference is their blood color, each want to exploit Breaker’s valley for themselves. The feudal tension has already claimed red-blood Breaker’s leg and his older brother. Now all this 18-year old wants is to maintain the tenuous peace in order to keep his little ‘stroid of a brother alive. Malani, a red-blood raised blue, is a kidnapped POW and only wants to return to her adoptive home with her dangerous blue secrets. Luka, a red-blood stewing for trouble, wants to right wrongs done to his family and bathe his home in justice.

All three intersect when Breaker discovers a wrecked starship and is given seven days by the green-bloods to fix and hand it over as a weapon. Breaker must decide if aiding his enemies is worth the home he knows and his family’s life. War is coming. And war respects no boundaries. And war leaves no survivors.

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1) If you emptied out your purse, wallet, desk drawer, pockets, backpack, beach bag, saddle bag, or fanny pack, what would we find?


Burts Bees tinted chapstick, an embarrassing amount of WHEN PLANETS FALL bookmarks, 1-2 books, clicky pens with black ink, migraine abortives, my Cefaly device (for migraines), my migraine calendar, foldable cup to take said abortives, two pairs of sunglasses, way too many receipts from GiGi’s Cupcakes. I would say my phone, but let’s be real. I never know where it is 3/4ths of the time.



2) What is your writing process? Are you a plotter or a panster?


Both! I cannot function without an outline. I outline every scene and know exactly where I’m going. Except . . . I always end up changing it. Characters surprise me, things explode, new ideas arrive. Like a pantser, I follow the ideas. But I always need an outline to start with and I always revise it to fit the new direction.


3) Which came first: the novel or the title?


I earn a D+ in coming up with titles, so definitely novel. I’m great at coming up with first lines though. I have an entire trashed file of them.


4) Which do you prefer: drafting or revising?


I like drafting in the beginning (when it’s new and fresh), the middle (because I’m halfway!), and the end (finish line!). But I hate the 25% mark and the 75% mark. I have mini temper tantrums and have to reward myself with presents to get through it. The only part of revising I enjoy is big-picture revising. I could do that all-day, every-day. When it’s time to line edit. . . heaven help me. I’d rather receive 100 shots by a bad nurse if it meant skipping the line editing.


5) What is your number one writing tip?


You are not your writing. You are more valuable than what you jot down on the page. Just because your writing sucks does not mean you suck. Just because your writing is awesome doesn’t mean you’re an awesome person.


6) Describe you book in 5 words or less


Starships! Disability! Siblings! Sacrifice! Moral Grays!


7)  A book goes through a lot of different versions and rounds of editing before it’s complete.  What are some “fun facts” or behind the scenes info you can share about the characters from your book or the world you created for it that may or may not have made it to the final draft of the book?

#1: There was a different romance originally! First major change I did after I sold the book. But I think this version works sooooooo much better.

#2: The book was originally called RED BLOOD, RED PLANET. But I couldn’t think of any titles for the rest of the series, so I changed it to something easier to work with. Ha.

#3: Originally, Breaker and Malani were named Gael and Skyler. But whenever I heard Gael, I thought Hunger Games and Skyler didn’t fit linguistically with the world. So out they went!


8) Do you have a special story behind your inspiration for the book?


One of the major ideas that sparked the book was the phrase “Red blood for a red planet.” It popped in my head and got me thinking “well, that means whatever this is takes place on a red planet” and “this must mean there are different colors of blood.” I even kept the phrase in the book!


9)  Who was your favorite character to write and who gave you the most trouble?


Luka. I could tell his POV wasn’t reaching its potential. I spend a while digging more into his story. And that’s when I discovered Yana and the migraines. All of a sudden, everything made sense and he clicked into a real person for me. This surprise made him really fun for me to write. Plus, he’s so black and white it’s fun to mess with.


10) If you could ask a character of your choice from WHEN PLANETS FALL one question what would it be?


I would ask Chief Malvyn, why? He’ll know what I’m referring to (enter evil little smile).


11) What scene from the book are you most proud of (because of how you handled the atmosphere, characters, dialogue, etc)?


Near the end of the book, that one tiny scene when it’s just Breaker and Brody in their parent’s apartment. It’s just a moment, a look, really. But Breaker finally starts to realize the truth about his brother. I felt so satisfied. Like, I had just bit into the most gooey brownie ever. But with words.


12) Is there a scene that you had difficulty with and just had to “power through” to finish the book? Or a scene that made you very emotional?


Gosh, again—that 25% and 75% mark. Even if I loved the scene, it felt like dragging myself through a concrete pool. I’m not a very emotional writer, but I do feel when I initially picture the scene, before I put words down. Luka’s anger during that scene and Breaker’s grief during that end scene—could feel those in my chest.


13) What are the top five things we should know as a reader before starting WHEN PLANETS FALL? (about the main character, their love interest, the antagonist, their world/home town, etc)


  1. There’s probably way too much of myself in every character.
    2. Look out for repeat themes and foils! You’ll find things come back around J
    3. Sometimes what we think is right isn’t always the right thing to do
  2. There’s more than one way to love a person
  3. Look out for character biases! I love playing with those 😉


14) Are there any hints that you can give for what is next for your characters? If you could give us five words that would give us a hint of what’s to come, what would they be?


What could I say that wouldn’t be too spoilery? There will be two new POVs, one of which will be Tahnya’s. And . . . I’m excited for the payoff scenes I’ve been planning since the beginning. Hmmm . . . . Five words: what color do you bleed? You’ll see!


15) What is next for you? What are you currently working on?


I’m currently working on a novella and book 2! But I also have a middle grade project I’ve been dabbling in for fun now and then. It’s the perfect tone contrast to WHEN PLANETS FALL 🙂

about the author

Abby J. Reed writes young adult science fiction and fantasy novels that ask what if. She has a degree in English Writing and is drawn to characters with physical limitations due to her own neurological disorder called Chronic Migraine. Her debut novel, WHEN PLANETS FALL, will be published in April 2017 by Soul Mate Publishing.

Abby lives in Colorado with her husband and two fluffy pups. If her hands aren’t on the keyboard, they are stained purple and blue with paint.

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