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Temper (Lifer #2)

By: Beck Nicholas

Publisher: Month9Books

Publication Date: February 23rd, 2016

Format: eARC



Free from the spaceship and reunited with Samuai, Asher should be happy. But thoughts of her dead family weigh heavily on her mind.

Things worsen when temper problems in camp lead to a murder. When Asher volunteers to get the drug need to calm people down, tension ignites.

Loyalties are questioned.

Jealousy rears its head. Sparks fly.

And when rumor of a second ship hits close to home, all bets are off.

Have the aliens returned? Is this the end of everything Asher has ever known?

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3 star (dragon)

Going into Temper I wanted to see the aftermath of the action at the end of Lifer. However, the book picks up several weeks later, with Asher emotionally numb after the loss of her mother and confirmation that her brother is long gone. She has drawn into herself in a classic display of PTSD, not sleeping and avoiding the nightmares that plague her. Samuai, on the other hand, has that oh so troubling job of being friends with too many people. Sigh.

Asher is still my favorite character of the series. She is battling loss, both of her family and the boy she fell in love with, and has managed to hold it together for an amazing length of time. Her fierceness is still there as well as her willingness to fight for her people. Samuai, though, still grates on my nerves. He vacillates between thinking that Asher is the best thing ever and all that he needs to thinking that life was better when he didn’t remember anything, including her. He is stuck in a rather precarious situation as his time with the green robes has given him sway with them, and his old status as a Fishie and his relationship with Asher gives him clout with the people from the ship. He is a bridge between these groups of people, and I can say that at least he isn’t as quick to trust as in the first book and uses his brain to make some discoveries on his own. His relationship with Megs is still frustrating, but at least he isn’t stupid enough to think he can trust her.

While Asher is my standout favorite character, and I found myself hurrying through Samuai’s chapters to get back to her’s, Davyd has to be the most interesting character of Beck’s. He is obviously crazy, but his loyalties are so obscure and his words and actions so contradictory, you never know what his true feelings are other than he will do whatever is best for Davyd. Beck has written a fleshed out and compelling not-quite-villain. A boy in constant pursuit of power and a way out of his brother’s shadow, who has struggled to take care of his grieving and unstable mother and is promptly cast aside in favor of the favorite first son who is back from the dead. He plays everything close to the chest, and the reader can never quite figure him out.

Temper lives up to its predecessor: it unravels old answers and entertains the reader with new ones. But beware, Beck leaves you with a hell of a cliff hanger.

about the author


I always wanted to write. I’ve worked as a lab assistant, a pizza delivery driver and a high school teacher but I always pursued my first dream of creating stories. Now, I live with my family near Adelaide, halfway between the city and the sea, and am lucky to spend my days (and nights) writing young adult fiction.

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