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a study in shifters

A Study in Shifters (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes #1)

By: Majanka Verstraete

Publisher: Monster House Books

Publication Date: June 26th, 2018

Seventeen-year-old Marisol Holmes may be the great-great-great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes, but it’s hard to live up to the family name when only one mistake can spell your downfall. After trusting the wrong guy in a case gone totally wrong, Marisol convinces the Conclave, an underground organization of detectives solving supernatural cases, to give her a last chance to prove her worth, and maybe even heal her broken heart.

After all, as a half-blood jaguar shifter, Marisol is uniquely qualified to solve this murder—and every scrap of evidence points toward the culprit being a fellow jaguar shifter. But is one of her own people involved, or is this all a ploy to kick Marisol’s mother off the shifter throne?

Then Marisol discovers her best friend, Roan, is missing, and maybe the killer’s next target. The stakes just got higher than political intrigue. Just when things couldn’t get worse, Marisol’s ex-boyfriend-turned-nemesis, Mannix, starts leaving sinister clues for her. Marisol fears this case might be far more personal than she could’ve imagined.

It’s time for Marisol to prove her worth, or her people could fall into chaos while her best friend loses his life.

A book goes through a lot of different versions and rounds of editing before its complete.  What are some fun facts or behind the scenes info you can share about the characters from your book or the world you created for it that may or may not have made it to the final draft of the book?

1)     Originally, the main love interest wasn’t even in book one of the series, or well, he was, but very briefly. But he was just so awesome that he needed more screen time.

2)     We had some possible ideas for titles of the series, which included “Maison des Animaux”, which is French for “House of Animals”. In that scenario, Marisol’s name would’ve been “Maison”, but we picked Marisol in the end and I’m glad, because I think it’s a better fit.

3)     Parts of the book take place in Paris. I’ve visited Paris on a few occasions, and although the catacombs are definitely worth visiting, unfortunately you won’t find the Conclave hidden in there (or are they?)

4)     Marisol is a halfling jaguar shifter. Jaguars are actually pretty powerful, and they have the strongest bite of all animals, even stronger than lions or tigers.

5)     Originally, Roan wasn’t called Roan. His name was Merlin, but when his role in the book increased and we already had Marisol as main character and Mannix as the name of the villain, we decided another name with a “M” would just be too much. Time to get more original, so we picked Roan instead.

Author Majanka Verstraete has written more than twenty unique works of fiction. A native of Belgium, Majanka’s novels explore the true nature of monsters: the good, the bad, and just about every species in between. Her young adult books include the acclaimed Mirrorland (YA Dark Fantasy) and Angel of Death (YA Paranormal) series of novels. At MHB, Majanka is currently developing a new YA shifter series with a fresh take on fierce female detectives called THE ADVENTURES OF MARISOL HOLMES.

When she’s not writing, Majanka is probably playing World of Warcraft or catching up with the dozens of TV series she’s addicted to.

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