A Dinner Party with H.A.L.F. with Natalie Wright author of H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS (and a giveaway)


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H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS (H.A.L.F. #3)

By: Natalie Wright

Publisher: Boadicea Books

Publication Date: August 24th, 2017

A deadly alien virus spawns an epidemic. Predators attack Europe. And a clandestine organization conspires to profit from chaos and forge a New World Order.

In this heart-pounding finale of the award-winning H.A.L.F. series, Tex, Erika and the rest are in a race against time. They fought for their lives. Now they battle to save our species.

Tex and Erika are fugitives and running for their lives. But when Tex falls gravely ill, a Navajo healer is his only hope for survival. Tex emerges from the ordeal changed in body and mind and with vital information: how to stop the predatory M’Uktah from overtaking the human population and destroying those he has come to love.

Erika Holt seeks a respite from the constant threats to her life but she’s not about to give up. As she and Tex launch a mission to shut down the intra-galactic highway used by invaders who prey on humans, she grows closer to her troubled half-human companion. But what about her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jack?

Jack Wilson, with his friend Anna Sturgis, is on a mission of his own. He’s determined to destroy The Makers, an illuminati-like organization behind the H.A.L.F. program. It’s time to put an end to their schemes for world domination. Complicating matters, an anti-viral that could save millions from an alien virus has been stolen. As both alien and human forces line up against them, the destiny of all mankind is hand the hands of these young warriors. And time is running out.

What Others are Saying about H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS:

“The latest satisfying addition to the H.A.L.F. series has something for everyone: exciting action scenes; great, complex love stories; fascinating new aliens; and relatable teen characters fighting to save the world and find their places in it.” ~Alyssa H., Content Editor, Red Adept Editing


A Dinner Party with H.A.L.F.


I’m throwing a party to celebrate the birthday of H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS, the third and final book in the H.A.L.F. series. And you’re invited!


Every birthday party must have cake, of course. *licks icing from lips*


The books inspire the menu. Erika, the main character, is a vegetarian (though not vegan), so we’re sticking to a mainly meatless menu.


We’ll start with something that seemed like a veritable feast to Erika in book two (The Makers). When you’re so hungry you’ve nearly forgotten what real food tastes like, a jar of peanut butter is like caviar! Please enjoy mini PB&J sandwiches as an appetizer. Extra peanut butter. And extra jelly.


Tex spent seventeen years as a lab rat in a secret, underground facility. When he met Erika, Jack, and Ian, he had lived on dry nutrition bars formulated to meet his unique requirements. He had one fruit daily and a viscous liquid of vitamins and amino acids. He had never eaten meat or sugar.


His first experience with human food was a hot dog Jack let him try. The thing had been purchased at a convenience mart in the middle of the night and had been rolling on the heat rollers for who knows how long! After one bite, Tex pronounced that he did not like eating “dog.” But some people do enjoy a tasty dog (hot dog that is) so we’re serving that up as a main, fresh from the grill, no gas station heat rollers.


If you were stuck in a prison cell, do you think you’d spend time thinking about home, family, and food? Erika did. She nearly salivated while thinking about her mom’s cooking. In honor of the Martinez side of Erika’s family, we’re serving bean and rice burritos smothered in her mama’s green chile sauce.


Erika’s mom isn’t the only family member in her life that knows what comfort foods she craves. In ORIGINS, Erika butts heads with her Aunt Dana. But there’s a moment in the book when Aunt Dana comes through for her at the right time by serving her the perfectly made grilled cheese. Bread golden brown and butter. Cheese—an extra slice—dripping over the sides. Erika likes hers with a side of mustard for dipping. We’re serving a heaping plate of cheesy, gooey goodness. Condiments of your choice on the side.


What would a party be without dessert? We’re serving Tex’s favorite treat. He first had it in book one (The Deep Beneath) when Ian handed him a long, red rope candy. The chewy candy turned into sugary goo in his mouth that he said was a bit like chewing plastic but he liked it anyway. Tex gets another bite of his favorite treat in ORIGINS. Look, after all I put the poor guy through, the least I could do is allow him another serving of his favorite sugary goodness. We finish the meal with Twizzlers for everybody!


Natalie writes adventurous fantasy and science fiction for teens and adults including her award-winning H.A.L.F. series and The Akasha Chronicles. Her first novel, Emily’s House, has been read over 2 Million times on Wattpad!

When not writing, reading or questing in Skyrim, Natalie meets readers and appears on writer panels at comic cons and book festivals throughout the western U.S. She and her mascot baby alien traveled over 10,000 miles in the past year!

Natalie lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, teen dauther and two cat overlords.

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