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Bibliobibuli is the brainchild of avid readers Emily and Rosi. It features reviews of Young Adult literature, mainly in the fantasy, science fiction, and mystery genres. However, they both read just about anything, so you never know what might show up on here. Likely candidates will be up-and-coming YA books, books of authors they have a particular fondness of, old favorites, and books that they both have a strong opinion on (be it good or bad).

Emily is a lover of YA fantasy and science fiction, although she will also read just about anything put in front of her. She is powered by coffee, loves discussing her current reads with fellow book lovers, and sometimes forgets to eat when engrossed in a book. When she is not reading, Emily can be found on her blog, collecting signed books, or lurking in the bookish corner of the internet. Oh, and school work. There’s that, too.

Rosi has been reading and writing YA fiction since stumbling upon Harry Potter at the age of seven–and, as you can see, has not yet tired of spending time with her nose in a book. She frequently collaborates with Emily when trying to solve the age old problem of eating while reading. This is something neither of them have mastered just yet. She can be found on Scrivener, in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or tea and her latest favorite read, or finalizing her monthly book budget. The book budget part may be a lie.

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